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At Real Marketing Methods, we believe that marketing is about starting conversations through story-telling. We help businesses create impactful stories that connect and engage.

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With so many marketing options available its sometimes hard to determine what you need AND what actually works for you. 

 Real Marketing Methods keeps it real by building customised stories that are authentic and results oriented. Real strategies, solutions, guidance, advice and above all - actionable steps to drive results. 

We are here to build confidence around marketing and craft a plan to get the desired results. 

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'Joshua Clifton has become a major part of the marketing journey for our authors. With the experience he brings as an author, a marketing professional and in customer service, he understands both the buyer/seller mentality and what it takes to build success as a creative.


His empathy, patience and expertise has been widely praised by authors from all around the world.'

Ocean Reeve 
Ocean Reeve Publishing Pty Ltd