Joshua Clifton

Joshua (Josh) Clifton lives and breathes the business marketing world which started in the hospitality industry. From a young age, Josh was drawn to this industry and right from the start had an incredible ability to understand customers and what it takes to build an outstanding business that customers love. He is a published author with his latest publication 'The Hospitality Survival Guide'  quickly gaining traction throughout Australia and is a keynote speaker for hospitality organisations and businesses.  


From managing all business types and consulting and mentoring operators, Josh quickly gained traction and influence within Australia. He has worked with Australian leading professionals, entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses. He is driving forward a new age of customer relations that enables today's businesses to start on the right foot.


He has developed methods and strategies to deal with and minimise high-stress workloads, manage multiple teams and create an unbreakable work culture whilst maintaining employee engagement.

Through his years of experiences working with hundreds of teams and thousands of customers, he now works with companies across Australia to create and implement digital communication strategies that build brands, attract customers and deliver exceptional experiences. 


"I simply want to work with people that love what they do. Everybody that takes a risk to do something they love deserves the support to see it succeed." - Josh






core values 

These are the F.A.C.T's. ​The same principles we apply in marketing strategies are the same we apply in our work place. Work and marketing should be fun, authentic, communicated to the highest standard in a trusting environment.

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Marketing is fun! It excites, grabs attention, and creates unforgettable moments. Fun is what we strive to have each and every day as we work towards common goals 

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Being authentic in everything we do ensures we live to our highest standards and we connect with our customers on a deeper level.

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We talk and we listen, a lot. Communication is how we tell our stories and connect. It is the vessel that drives our results. 

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People work with people they trust. We trust our team, our services and promises to our customers. ​